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Now after the first time setup do like this :
Put a DVD on your DVD recoder.
Just press the and load the path that contains the : VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders. At the Guide 9 (Add Subs To DvD With Menus With Eventual Transcode Guide) for example the right path is this : e:\finalmovie
Now press the to define the output path example : E:\FINALMOVIE.iso
After that, At Volume id, we shall put the dvd label like this : FINALMOVIE
Finally press Image.
You are done ! After a couple of minutes you will have your burned dvd .

B case) Copy/Burn a DVD from an original dvd.
This case is even easier than the case a .
First of all see if your original dvd is smaller than 4.37 Gb in this case you can burn it directly on an dvd5 disk . If it is bigger that 4.37 Gb then you must use an dvd9 disk.
First of all we must read the original dvd and make an iso . So...
Put your original dvd on your dvd rom and run dvddecrypter.
Press Mode - Iso - Read .
Press and select an output path ex: e:\matrix.iso .
Press the
This will generate an iso after a couple of minutes !

Now, after the iso creation, press Mode - Iso - Write.
Press and load the e:\matrix.iso
Put an empty dvd-r at your dvd recorder.
Now select your dvd recorder like the picture above :

Select a decent write speed like 4x as shown above :

Funally just press :
You are done ! After a couple of minutes you will get your burned DVD.

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