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a] category : Not clickable [Static] Objects.
1] Background Image : Defines the background image of your menu
2] Background Sound : Defines the background sound (mp2) of your menu. Even if you do not want any sound you must select one like the 'silent.mp2' which is the default sound.
3] Image : This option lets you add an static image on your dvd menu like photos from chapters or the dvd cover for example.
4] Text : This option can add static labels like comments for the film etc...

b] category : Clickable [Dynamic] Objects.
1] AudioButtons : Lets you to select the audiostream of your dvd. If you have two audiostreams you can add two audiobuttons like English / Italian so you can switch the audio from the menu.
2] SubButtons : Lets you to switch subtitles. The First subbutton disables the subitles at all so if you have two subtitles you should use three SubButtons like :
OFF /English/ Italian
3] StartButton : It is the GO button for the dvd. (max one for each DVD).
4] ChapterButtons : Each ChapterButton jumps on the current chapter. If you have four chapters you should add four chapterbuttons like this :
ChapterButton1-->jumps on chapter1
ChapterButton2-->jumps on chapter2 ...etc

The Clickable [Dynamic] Objects have three state colors :
idle : normal
selected : when is selected
highlighted : on mouse over
The highlighted state is the only state that can not be transparent because is used to autodetect where the Clickable [Dynamic] Objects are located.
The Clickable [Dynamic] Objects can have up to four colors and not more so Avi2Dvd sets all the Dynamic objects with the same colors.

[a] Click on the 'Background Image' button:

Load the A2d_Background_04.bmp

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