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Firstly download and install vobsub

Then we download Txt2Vobsub

We download and install the Mp3 Player Utilities 4.xx if you have problems with this version then try the Mp3 Player Utilities 3.68 version

step 1) At this point we are ready to go. As first step, we convert our subtitles from textual (srt) to vobsubs (idx/sub) using Txt2Vobsub.
We press load srt,txt,sub and we load the subtitle. If we get errors (the subtitles are too big) we have two choises to do : or we use smaller size fonts or simply try to edit the srt file with notepad and use smaller strings on the long subtitles.
Just press the 'Generate Vobsub' button and you are ready to go. Txt2VobSub will generate two files : CONVERTED.IDX AND CONVERTED.SUB. In order to watch our subtitles we have to do something like this :

step 2) After doing this we are ready to convert our film avi to amv format which is the format that this portable player supports as video.
The convertion should be done with Mp3 Player Utilities 3.68. These utilities comes bundled with the player too (can be found on the small CD).

Let's see step by step how this convertion should be done.
We should have all needed files like this example :

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