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Watching *.divx on PC...
1 method) The best way to watch *.divx on pc is to use an directshow based player like :
Media Player Classic HC
AND the latest divx codec 6.4.1 (free download)
By using this method wou need to load the *.divx on the player and then right-click on the divx logo(1) then click on the subtitle(2) then on off(3) and then select the subtitle again.(4).

2 method) You can use the official divx player
Just drag and drop the divx and then with right-click select subtitle tracks->English ...

Watching on standalone DVD ...
If your dvd player can reproduce xsub files (is DivX Certified) then you just have to load your DVD with the film and press the subtitle button on your remote control . If for some reason the subtitles does not appear to put on avisub horizontal offset 100-120. The subtitles might be too low (off screen).

c) Txt2Vobsub method.

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