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Ok i understood the use of AviSub but the Txt2Vobsub is useless!
No it is not! I will give you an example .
If your language has strange codepage like the Greek one, then you must use an visual subtitle and not an srt.
But now you will ask .. aha ! but i can still use AviSub ... yes but if your avi has strange stuff like wma audio then AviSub cannot process that kind of avi. So your only hope is to use Txt2Vobsub.
You will ask : But mine player does not support vobsub [it is really hard to find them ] ... well , if i where you, i would bought one for 50$ only because i could see all of mine films without the risk that avi will be processed successfuly from avisub or not ! Here is a list of vobsub supported divx players. As you can see you can find a player like that at 40$. Plus most of them support xsub *.divx containers too!

Conclusions :
Use AviSub as first option [when you can]
Use srt if your player supports yours codepage
Use Txt2Vobsub when your codepage is not supported by your divx player and your avi cannot be muxed with AviSub

As you can see all three methods are valid, and in some conditions only one can work, so you must know all three of them.
Here is a pro-contro table :
pro-contro srt vobsub [txt2vobsub] xsub [avisub]
Officially supported by divx x x v
International codepage x v v
Supported widely v x v
Indipendent from the video format v v x
Number of subtitles 1 1 8

Hope that now is everything clear !


By reading this guide you should understood which program/method you need to use. Lets see now how you can convert your subtitle ! First of all you need an textual subtitle (srt) or an visual subtitle (idx/sub). If you don't know what these files are or where to get them please read the 12 Add Subs To Avi for PC Guide
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