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One by looking the table above should say "hey ... srt is the most supported format so why i have to use Txt2Vobsub or AviSub?". Well in some countries you have to use them because the srt is an textual format so if you use Greek language for example the codepage of the most divx players is not supported.
So what shall i do ?
Well you have to do two questions at your divx player :
1) Do you support mine language codepage ?
2) Do you support vobsubs ?

If you cannot respond at these questions you have to do 3 tests one with srt one with avisub and one with Txt2Vobsub.

At this time srt seems to be the most supported, but to my opinion xsub [avisub] will be the standard after few years since divx networks supports it directly and gives the Certified Hardware List Product. So every company in few time will support xsub [avisub] as standard.

Mine player supports mine language codepage and srt why i have to use xsub ?
If you can use xsub use this and not srt because if you want to see that film on another divx player the codepage must be the same otherwise you wont be able to see the subtitles correctly. On the other hand from now on every divx certifided player must support xsub. So i think that in a few years this will be the standard. The *.divx container supports up to 8 subtitles after all why dont use it if you player supports it ?

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