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Latest Version : 2.3 ( Freeware )

About :
AviSub is a freeware tool that can mux up to three [srt/sub/txt(microdvd) or vobsubs] subtitle streams on an avi file.
Generates an *.divx file with embed xsubs from an regular avi. Uses the latest tecnology of the divx6 codec.
You can watch your's divx films with subtitles on your DivX 6 compatible hardware player !
The operation takes only 5 minutes !

Why and when you need to use this tool :
Small explanation guide here
(Read the Guide : Add Subs To Avi for Standalone DivX Players

Compatible Hardware Players :
-Here you can find out a list which avisub worked 100%
-Here is a Certified Hardware List Product that should support subtitled *.divx videos, producted by AviSub
-Here is a non official list that tells which devices actually support divx6 feautures.

Compatible Software Players :
-Official DivX-Plus player. Take a look here
-Windows Media Player 10 with the latest DivX codec
-Any DirectShow capable player like Bsplayer, Arpa Kolla player or media player classic with the latest DivX codec.
AviSub is vista and win7 ready

Pad file for updates can be found here :
Main Screen of AviSub
ChangeLog :
Whats new in ver.2.3 :
New : Bug - Fixed version
Updated : About box GUI
Fixed : Contact links

Whats new in ver.2.2 :
Added : Vietnamese support
Updated : Paypal donation link

Whats new in ver.2.1 :
Fixed : Header bugs
Fixed : Settings Window Bug
Fixed : 'File not found' when output header change option was checked

Whats new in ver.2.0 :
Added : Option for header change of the input avi
Added : Option for header change of the output avi
Added : Settings menu

Whats new in ver.1.9 :
Windows Vista Ready version
Fixed : Smaller window size
Added : Saves more options
Added : Updater Function

Whats new in ver.1.8 :
Added : The subtitles with tags (<i>,<u>,<b>) are now processed without the output of the tag on the screen.
Added : Now the avisub checks if the file is generated or not.

Whats new in ver.1.7 :
Fixed : The subtitles are now centered !

Whats new in ver.1.6 :
Updated : New version of divxmux added

Whats new in ver.1.5 :
Fixed : Process bug [100% cpu utilization]

Whats new in ver.1.4 :
Fixed : Interface not supported

Whats new in ver.1.3 :
Added : Vobsub support
Added : Subtitle language
Fixed : No audio sound after the mux
Fixed : Many bugs fixed
Removed : Subresynch
Removed : son support

Whats new in ver.1.2 :
Added : Full support of *.son subtitles
Added : Subresynch in order to convert Vobsub->Son . So vobsub->avi subbed is now possible !!!
Added : DivxMux tool provided by divx Labs
Deleted : Fuse tool because DivxMux is now used.

Whats new in ver.1.1 :
Fixed : Color Pallete restricted. If you used the blue color for example you could have transparent subtitles. Now this possible error is gone. The colors now are 100% secure ;)

Whats new in ver.1.0 :
First public release...
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