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Clicker4Dog - Documentation

Clicker4Dog is pretty easy to use. Install the application and it is ready to get used.
Notice that every time you use the clicker the counter increments.

Settings :

The application has two modes:
Simulation OFF :
By just hitting the clicker plays the hole sound.

Simulation ON :
Plays one sound "on button down" and one sound "on button up".

You can select four pre-installed clicker sounds from the "Select clicker sound" panel. By selecting "Custom" as sound Clicker4Dog :

in the simulation OFF case plays the sound file located at :

in the simulation ON case plays the sound files located at :
Music\clickerdown.ogg [for the "on bottom" event]
Music\clickerup.ogg [for the "on up" event]

By hitting the "Reset Counter" button the clicker counter restarts from 0.

Clicker4Dog Settings

Video presentation :

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