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How to get a FREE domain name and a FREE hosting plan

Part 2 - Domain registration

Let's start with our domain registration

Step A) Read the policies

Please read the official policies before starting.
Notice that small commercial sites are allowed.
Commercial sites
Though the service is mostly geared towards non-profit and not-for-profit organizations and individuals, small commercial sites are accepted, but they are VERY STRONGLY asked to do so only as a very last resort (please consider reserving a domain from of the ICANN-accredited registrars at InterNIC), unless of course they support goals.

Step B) Find an available domain

i)You can simply use the whois web service

ii) Or under Windows you can use PuTTY.
Then at connection type select 'Raw'
at host name write: and set port to 43.
Check "never" on "close windows on exit" and hit the "Open" button.
In the next window write your desired domain ex : "" and hit ENTER
If you get "key not found" your domain is available.

iii) Under Linux/UNIX just open the console and run the command :
telnet 43
Now write your desired domain ex : "" and hit ENTER
If you get "key not found" your domain is available.
From now on i will use "" as example domain.

Step C) Create a real personal email

You can use :
all of them are free and support POP3 protocol.
For mine registration i have used with success a gmail account.

Step C) Get temporary free DNS servers

Not all the DNS services work with the domains.
You need an authoritative name server which is a name server that gives answers in response to questions asked about names in a zone.
ClouDNS is the only one i know that works with these type of domains. Years ago worked but it it now closed.
Notice that the DNS service we will use it only in order to register our domain so the stability of this service is not critical.
Go to and register with your real name and a real valid email. Once registered to login and go to :
DNS Zones > add new > master zone > Create this zone with NS records
domain name > "" and hit the "create" button.
You should have a list like this : NS NS NS NS

Step D) Contact Creation

Go to Contact Creation page of
Fill the form with your real data.
This data will be shown on whois.
Do not try to trick the admins fill the form carefully.
Use a valid email address.
Use a long secure password.
As far as i remember automatically they will send you an email and you need to simply reply to that email in order to verify your contact.
They will generate for you a contact record like this :
AK123-FREE (username)

Step E) Domain Creation Form

Please do not register domains for fun.
Register only one domain that you really need and you are going to use right away.
Go to Domain Creation Form
Fill the form carefully using with the same valid email address.
Give "" at the "Complete domain name" field
At "Organization" fill your name, real address and Country
At "Administrative contact" and at "Technical contact" give your contact record (for example : "AK123-FREE" )
At "Technical information" give the four nameservers :
Leave the IP fields blank
Select the Check for correctness of "server names" only.

Hit the "submit" button.
If everything is OK you will receive a mail at your email address.
Replay at this email. You will get another email telling you that everything is ok !
Wait for the activation of your requested domain. (From 1 to 8 weeks)
The activation is long because i think it is done manually.
After this period you will receive an email telling you that everything is OK.

In the next page we will discuss in detail how to get a decent free web hosting plan.

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