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Requirements and Disclaimer :
I [author] do not take any responsibilities for any possible software or hardware damages.
The author is not responsible for any data loss.
Although the author will attempt to find and correct any bugs is under no obligation to provide support, service, corrections, or upgrades to Simple-File-Gallery.
SimpleFileGallery is provided AS IS without any guarantees or warranty.
SimpleFileGallery is licensed under the MIT License.

More info about the MIT License can be found here
For any problems do not hesitate to write directly to our forums.

Before Downloading :
Download Simple File Gallery v. 1.1 from:

Google drive
PHP Source code
Instructions : In the next page hit 'File' -> 'Download'.
PHP Source code
Instructions : Direct download link offered by Microsoft OneDrive

Yandex disk
PHP Source code
Instructions : In the next page hit the download button. Download offered by Yandex Disk.

Clarifications and Explanations :
Q: Is there any direct download link ?
A: No there is not but we use secure cloud servers like Google Drive, Microsoft's OneDrive and Yandex Disk.
We have to keep the traffic of our web host as low as possible.
All download options have no wait time. You just have to hit the download button.
We do not offer downloads with waiting time.
Keep in mind that by downloading our software from bannerless cloud servers we do not gain any money so please re-consider the donation option.

Q: Can you host me Simple-File-Gallery ?
A: No, you have to install it on your web hosting server. We have to keep low the resources of our web server.

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