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19/05/2016 New versions for both GRBLDroid and GRBLDroidBT. Both versions support Android Marshmallow 6.0.

31/03/2016 New version for GRBLDroid. This version is a bug free version.
Notice that copy dot com goes off business so we are moving our files into another mirror. Currently we are using Google Drive , Microsoft OneDrive. We are going to move from copy dot com to Yandex as third mirror.

21/03/2016 GRBLDroidBT is released today. This is the Bluetooth version of GRBLDroid.
It is payware and costs only 17Euros. Works extremely well but you have to add a HC-05 Bluetooth module into your CNC controller (arduino) in order to work. Please read the online documentation.

02/10/2015 A new application was released today called GRBLDroid.
GRBLDroid is a standalone CNC commander under Android.
You can pilot your grbl machine using this application. GRBL is the most commono open source firmware for CNC machines. As far as i know this is the only app under Android that can handle a CNC machine using grbl.

25/02/2015 After 4 years of implementation LiquidFiller is finally publicly released.
LiquidFiller is a liquid filling machine.
It works by gravity not by pressure.
LiquidFiller is a low cost system with data-logging capabilities.
It is our first public hardware & software project developed 100% by us.
You can buy this project using our online shop.
LiquidFiller has a DataLogger which can be downloaded from the dedicated page. Also an Android DataLogger app comes bundled with a tablet.
Due to the extended size of this project it is highly recommended to read the online documentation if you are interested.
LiquidFiller is 3D printed by our machinery
Today is an important day for us.
Have a nice day to all of you !

16/11/2014 Today we have published our first android application using Android Studio.
Clicker4Dog is a free training application for 2.3+ Android platform.
You can use it on phones and on tablets.
It is a pet training utility.

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