Command line support for txt2vobsub

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Command line support for txt2vobsub

Postby trustfm » Wed Jan 30, 2008 7:53 pm

If someone wants manually to make bat files (NOT RECCOMENDED) for txt2vobsub he should do :
txt2vobsub.exe filename fontname fontcharset fontstyle fontsize align offset offsetor outline colorantalias coloroutline colortext lang fps method
1)all these values are needed.
2)There is no control of the loaded srt so if you give size=50 and you will not convert the subtitle because the sub is too long to fit on the screen

That's why you should always :
[font=Arial Black]
a) load the subtitle (correctly)
b) put the extra options you need (color, offsets etc...)
c) press the batch button in order to generate an 100% correct command line file

Explanation of the commands :

-filename : the file name
-fontname : integer,ItemIndex of FontName combobox, 0->Arial ...
-fontcharset : integer,ItemIndex of FontCharset combobox, 0->ANSI, 1->ARABIC ...
-fontstyle : integer,ItemIndex of FontStyle combobox, 0->Normal, 1->Bold ...
-fontsize : integer,ItemIndex of FontSize combobox, 0->size 6, 1->size 7 ...
-align : integer,ItemIndex of Align combobox, 0->size center, 1->left, 2->right
-offset : integer, offset example 100
-offsetor : integer, offset horizontal example -4
-outline : integer,ItemIndex of Outline combobox, 0->2, 1->3, 2->4
-colorantalias : integer,ItemIndex of ColorAntialias Combobox
-coloroutline : integer,ItemIndex of ColorOutline Combobox
-colortext : integer,ItemIndex of ColorText Combobox
-lang : integer,ItemIndex of Vobsub Language Combobox
-fps : integer, itemindex of fps combobox
-method : Color option 0->'Pc only', 1-> 'dvd only' , 2->'pc+dvd', 3->'pc+dvd safe'
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Postby qknet » Mon Feb 04, 2008 1:20 am

You keep your words!

Thanks, man. This is very much helpful.
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