Suggestion: SSA support (please?)

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Suggestion: SSA support (please?)

Postby The Professor » Sun May 27, 2007 7:39 pm


I was wondering (and praying :roll:) if you can modify this great application so it would support SSA (SubStationAlpha) format, since with this format different fonts and styles can be set to the very same subtitles, for example you can set some lines to be in a certain color and position, and the other lines would have different settings.

In my humble opinion - and since I'm a subtitler - I think that would be a great feature, specially when different offsets needed, for instance when there's a text appearing and needs to be translated, and in the same time a different offset would be needed so the subtitles wouldn't appear above the on-screen text, since it would cover it and both would be hard to read.

I hope you'll take that into your consideration, and if possible to do it.


PS: With MaestroSBT that actually can be done, however, it has bugs when it comes to RTL languages - in my case Arabic it is, so Txt2VobSub would be the better solution in my case.
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