How do I add subtitles to a VTS file

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How do I add subtitles to a VTS file

Postby colombianking » Sun Jan 03, 2010 10:26 pm

I downloaded a movie and the file is VTS and the subtitles are in Swedish and would like to change or add english how do I do this?
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Postby H.Ammer » Sat Jan 09, 2010 7:24 pm

VTS or Video Title Set should be a complete video object. What this means in the case of a movie it will be the movie, or the trailers or the menu items or the first play etc. Each VTS (the VOB files) will have a Video Stream, and may have an Angle video stream, Audio streams (may be more than one) and may have Subpicture Video stream. The latter will be either menu buttons or overlays or Subtitles (may be more than one). Each VTS VOB files are controlled by their own IFO (and back-up BUP) file and this stipulates how the player deals with the VOB file sets.

Provided the VTS is complete with the respective IFO files then you can use Avi2Dvd in DVD mode and direct it to the IFO file. You will loose the Subtitles, so you will have to search the Internet for replacement SRT subtitles files made for the movie, and ensure that it is for the correct Frame Rate.

Other than a simple menu, that is the most Avi2Dvd can do.
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