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Avi2dvd version 0.6.0

Postby trustfm » Sat Apr 02, 2005 2:24 pm

Whats new v. 0.6
New : First stable release for Win7
Added : MP4 Container support
Added : Installer with codec installation support
Fixed : Division by zero on Win7
Fixed : Several bugs on fps detections
Updated : First release for native support of HD videos
Updated : Installer with codec installation support
Updated : AC3filter 1.63b
Updated : Haali Media Splitter 27.03.2010
Updated : CoreAAC ver.
Updated : ffdshow rev3299 20100303 xxl
Updated : Xvid ver 1.2.2-07062009
Removed : Internal Matroska splitter codec
Removed : Internal Haali codec
Removed : Internal AC3filter 0.70b codec

Whats new v. 0.5
New : First stable release
Added : More avi sources supported
Added : Latest Ffdshow
Added : Latest Xvid
Added : Chinese, Norwegian and Serbian languages
Fixed : Interface not supported error
Fixed : No audio found error
Updated : About Box now checks version
Updated : Improved About Box
Updated : Avisynth,AVIMuxGUI,Dvdauthor,Ffmpeg,HcEnc,Sox
Updated : Installer with customizations
Updated : Unistaller with customizations

Whats new v. 0.4.5 beta
Added : 100% compatibility with Windows Vista
Added : 100% Compatibility with Foto2Avi
Fixed : Floating point by zero error
Fixed : Wrong fps calculation
Fixed : Installer for vista
Fixed : Registration of filters
Updated : HcEnc
Updated : QuEnc
Updated : Avisynth

Whats new v. 0.4.4 beta
Fixed : Problems with muxing audio+video. (0 byte iso)
Fixed : Problem of 100% cpu utilization
Updated : More sofisticated audio extraction
Updated : MatroskaSplitter, Realmedia splitter, VsFilter, Haali Media Splitter
Updated : DGIndex 1.4.7
Updated : freeenc 0.5.0 , HcEnc 0.1.8
Updated : German, Croatian languages

Whats new v. 0.4.3 beta
Fixed : Distorted audio on mono wav sources
Fixed : Error message at the end of the filme when hcenc was selected.
Updated : Haali Matroska Filter
Updated : HCENC version 0.1.6
Updated : Russian Language
Updated AvimuxGui 1.17.4

Whats new v. 0.4.2 beta
Added : FFmpeg in order to support really strange audiostreams convertions [like mp3 22050Hz].
Added : Support of 8000/11025/22050 samplerates of mp3/ac3/ogg/wav/wma/aac. [Used ffmpeg].
Added : If an avi has ac3 sound will not be reencoded on an dvd output
Added : Extended wav audio support. From now on these wav are supported : PCM, U-law, A-law, MS ADPCM, IMA ADPCM, GSM (optional), RIFX (big endian) [Used SoX]
Added : BeSweet 1.5 b31
Added : Real 5.1 ch support if the source has an 6ch ac3
Fixed : Zero Byte generated audiostreams
Fixed : Even better sound quality.
Fixed : Oversized bug caused by the extracted audiostreams
Fixed : 29.97 not an valid integer bug

Whats new v. 0.4.1 beta
Fixed : Oversized dvd/svcd/vcd when someone converted with pal->ntsc option enabled.
Fixed : Oversized dvd/svcd/vcd when someone converted with ntsc->pal option enabled.
Fixed : Serius bug found on wav audio convertion [sox problem]
Fixed : Audio convertion with 0 byte ac3 creation Job Not Done [Bug caused because the path had strange characters like ; _ ! [ ) etc .. ]
Updated : Installer now registers quartz.dll, qasf.dll, qdv.dll, qcap.dll
Updated : mkv files now are beeing joined by avimux and not with vdubmod
Added : Korean language

Whats new v. 0.4.0 beta
Added : Auxiliary grid for the dvd menu
Fixed : Boost function
Fixed : Background sound on dvd menus
Updated : New Haali parser

Whats new v. 0.3.9 beta
Added : Completely automated audio boost
Fixed : In some cases the audio parser wont worked properly [important bug !]
Updated : Audio Parser

Whats new v. 0.3.8 beta
Fixed : In some cases the dvd menu buttons invisible [important update !]
Updated : Method / logic of doing dvd menus
Updated : Avisynth 2.5.6
Updated : Slovak language

Whats new v. 0.3.7 beta
Fixed : Video Parser
Fixed : Audio Parser
Fixed : Audio convertion logic
Updated : Dvdauthor/Spumux 0.6.12-2907 (special thx to liquid 217) This will port more 'menu' stability

Whats new v. 0.3.6 beta
Added : DV-AVI Support
Fixed : Ntsc->Pal convertion on dvd mode.
Updated : Spanish Language

Whats new v. 0.3.5 beta
Updated : Movie (Audio/Video) Parser rewritten from scratch ! Consequences :
1: Avi/Ogm/Mkv with embbed subtitles are now supported
2: Ogm/Mkv with RV10 format supported
3: Wmv/Wma support
4: Optimization of parsing (quicker stream detection)
Added : Haali Media Parser
Added : Ac3filter
Added : Realmedia Gabest Filter (for RV10 support)
Added : SoX
Fixed : AudioStream convertion failure (thanks to SoX)
Fixed : Warning error even if the audio was extracted/converted correctly (The classic JOB NOT DONE error)
Fixed : NTSC dvd menu bug fixed (small but important bug)
Fixed : Small bug interface on dvd menu window
Updated : Language packs
Updated : VMRSnapShot (supports wmv as input files).
Updated : About Box.
Deleted : Lame (not needed any more)

Whats new v. 0.3.4 beta
Added : AviMux 1.17.3
Fixed : Subtitles de-synch bug fixed [important bug !]
Fixed : Batch mode on dvd menu fixed [on 0.3.3 worked well only if one job was added !]
Fixed : ChapterButtons default position corrected. [on 0.3.3 you could add only 10 chaptersbuttons]
Fixed : Minimum chapter divisor every 5 min
Updated : About box

Whats new v. 0.3.3 beta DVD MENU SUPPORT ADDED
Completely new version with massive innovations such as : Added : Dvd Menu designer.
Added : Snapshot tool (can be used to take snapshots from any kind of dvd/avi/mkv/ogm)
Added : Mp3->mp2 tool added in order to put sound on your menus.
Fixed : Some bugs on dvdauthor
Note : Please since a lot o innovations added read our guide from here

Whats new v. 0.3.2 beta
Added : New version of Dgmpgdec 1.4.3
Added : New version of Decomb 5.2.2
Added : Danish, Czech language
Fixed : Interlaced error
Fixed : Ogm/mkv wrong fps detection --> This bug caused synch problems with the subtitles

Whats new v. 0.3.1 beta
Added : New version of Dgmpgdec 1.4.0
Added : New version of HCEnc 0.1.5
Added : New version of AVI-Mux_GUI 1.17
Added : Swedish, Hungarian language
Fixed : Small bug errors
Fixed : Finnish language bug
Updated : Croatian language

Whats new v. 0.3.0 beta
Added : AAC audio support
Added : New version of Dgmpgdec 1.3.1 b5
Added : New version of Quenc 0.61
Added : New version of FreeEnc 0.44
Added : New version of matroska
Added : Finnish language
Fixed : Svcd/vcd size fixed
Fixed : Fps bug parsing on ogm and mkv

Whats new v. 0.2.9 beta
Added : MultiAudio support for the dvd. Now the user can create dvds with up to three audiostreams at once
Added : Manual Chapterlist selection. So you wanted an individual chapterlist ? Here you go ! Just do something like this : 0,1000,2000,3000,4000 this will generate chapters at 0 sec , 1000 sec 2000 sec 3000 sec and at 4000 sec
Added : Warnings. Now if an error appears, this error will be written on the log file so we can se where the problem is located.
Added : Slovak language

Whats new v. 0.2.8 beta
Added : New DGIndex 1.3.0 final
Added : Polish, Turkish, Nederlands Languages
Fixed : Interface errors on multiple subtitle selection
Fixed : Russian language

Whats new v. 0.2.7 beta
Added : New HCEnc 0.1.4
Added : Spanish, Israeli and Russian language support
Fixed : Bytes calculation function
Fixed : Subtitle options disabled under conditions

Whats new v. 0.2.6 beta
Added : Better XP interface support
Fixed : Multilanguage support
Fixed : Small bugs on batch mode

Whats new v. 0.2.5 beta
Added : Audio Language on dvd (English , Italian etc...)
Added : Dvd Chpaters every X minutes.
Added : Iso name label
Added : New HCEnc 0.1.3 encoder
Added : German Language
Added : Save form options
Added : Clear tabbed interface
Fixed : Quenc, freeenc, Nuenc hi quality option
Fixed : Better multilanguage support
Fixed : Interface errors
Fixed : Spumux command line

Whats new v. 0.2.4 beta
Added : Batch Mode , from now on the user can encode multiple films/Jobs at once.
Added : New QuEnc Beta 4

fixed a lot of bugs specially in VCDs
Added : New DGIndex 1.3.0 beta 5
Added : Exit confirmation
Added : Croatian, French Language support
Fixed : Log fle (Negative integers).
Fixed : Spumux errors. This error produced 0 byte muxed/iso files.

Whats new v. 0.2.3 beta
Added : Audio Bitrate Selection
Added : New version of QuEnc Encoder
Fixed : Important Vcd error on audio extraction.

Whats new v. 0.2.2 beta
Added : Avi2dvd deletes useless temporary files , avi2dvd uses much less space from now on !
Added : Avi2dvd detects avi files with wma audio and shows an error message. (Wma at this moment is not supported).
Fixed : Disc Space prediction.

Whats new v. 0.2.1 beta
Added : Select destination folder
Added : Portugal, Brasilian Language support (thy to oxy !)
Fixed : NuEnc matrix.ini not found error
Fixed : Mp3 Audio parsing

Whats new v. 0.2.0 beta
Added : Korean/Japanese/Cinise/Thai subtitle support
Added : Aspect Ratio Convertion (from 4/3 to 16/9 etc ... )
Added : Aspect Ratio 16/9 support
Added : More detailed Avi2Dvd Log File
Added : Added a new MPEG2 Freeware Encoder : HCEnc ! Has really good quality ! Give it a try !
Fixed : Interface errors.
Fixed : Interface now fits on 800*600 resolutions.

Fixed : Small multilanguage errors.

FAQ (for the new version):
-What the hell is Input aspect ratio and output aspect ratio !!!
Its a long story ... As soon as possible i will make a guide for these stuff . Just use the DEFAULT VALUES that avi2dvd calculates.

TODO : I want to make a GUIDE for the aspect ratio stuff since the Aspect ratio input and aspect ratio output may confuse A LOT OF PEOPLE.
EX: more than one at www.videohelp.com said that it was buggy the AR thinking of it like an OUTPUT ratio . The AR till now was always the INPUT AR.
Since with one only ratio the people didnt understood nothing the problem with the two AR will only complicate the things.
-Why you put two ar since one is used in all the programs .
Short answer : with the two AR you can also change an 4/3 in 16/9 or an 16/9 in 4/3 . A lot of progarms doing this under payment !!!
Not only that but if an video had WRONG AR you can FIX it and convert at the same time !
Wait the guide . the guide will have 12 cases of AR with screenshots and you are going to get all the solutions you want !
-Tell me what options shall i use NOW for the 2 AR !
Well :
if you have an AVI/DVD 16/9 -> VCD AR-INPUT 16/9 AR-OUTPUT 4/3
if you have an AVI/DVD 16/9 -> DVD AR-INPUT 16/9 AR-OUTPUT 16/9

if you have an AVI/DVD 4/3 -> VCD AR-INPUT 4/3 AR-OUTPUT 4/3
if you have an AVI/DVD 4/3 -> DVD AR-INPUT 4/3 AR-OUTPUT 4/3

Using AR-INPUT 16/9 AR-OUTPUT 4/3 etc you get scalable transformations of the initial avi/dvd . So if you have an avi with WRONG AR then you should do something like this ... AR-INPUT 16/9 AR-OUTPUT 4/3 .

These options will be explained at the miniguide ...
Avi2dvd will have as default the optimal solution (Avi2dvd always thinks that the initial avi/dvd has CORRECT AR).

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Postby skyheartblue » Sat Apr 02, 2005 4:11 pm

4 the 1000'th time, TNX!!! 8)

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Postby Excalibur! » Sat Apr 02, 2005 9:06 pm

Tnx TrustFM! :)
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good work

Postby reburn » Sun Apr 03, 2005 10:56 am

1 reducing the size of the iterface was good -now can view perfect in 800*600

2 aspect ratio works great

3 hcenc seem to be great for mpeg-2 fast and good quality

some question?

1 why vcd mode support *.sub but in dvd can't ?
2 aspect ratio relevante just for dvd and not for vcd ?

keep up the good work :wink:
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Postby trustfm » Sun Apr 03, 2005 11:48 am

1. dvdauthor support only textual subtitles...
2. vcd has ONLY 4/3 output AR . Does NOT support any olter AR. At least here http://www.mir.com/DMG/aspect.html#vcdrequirements says so ...
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Postby skyheartblue » Wed Apr 06, 2005 6:31 am

Avi2dvd version 0.2.1

Rock on mate!! :wink: :lol: 8) :) :D :wink: :lol:

Big TNX!
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Postby trustfm » Thu Apr 07, 2005 2:17 am

Tomorrow i will release the 0.2.2 version with these updates :
Added : Avi2dvd deletes useless temporary files , avi2dvd uses much less space from now on !
Fixed : Disc Space prediction
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Postby Excalibur! » Thu Apr 07, 2005 9:09 am

wow, you're fast! :)
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Postby skyheartblue » Fri Apr 08, 2005 1:10 am

v.0.2.2 beta

Man... 8) the fun just getting better & better... :lol:

QuEnc is out with a new release ( :wink: ) that represent some major changes, give it a try and upgrade your install package if you may.
Release Version: V0.59 Beta 3
Release notes:
* Better stability (In theory)
* Always encodes the selected AR for MPEG-2
* Can now automatically do two passes to create both a separate audio and video file
* Now creates Muxed MPEG files with compliant PTS/DTS/SCR Values
* Has updated DragonGodz QLB 1.2 Matrix
* Has new mini DVD Authoring Mode
* Fixed irritating bug when doing a 2pass low frame count and low bitrate encode (again!)
* General fixes for things like audio encoding, etc


Well done!
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Postby trustfm » Fri Apr 08, 2005 1:17 am

aha ! i will add it at the 0.2.3 . !!!
Btw anyone can change quenc with the new one without problems !
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