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Subtitle Preview

Postby icecold killa » Fri Jun 23, 2006 2:34 am

Previewing Location of Subtitles: Being able to preview were abouts the subtitles will be on the output video would be great.

I usually do trial and error on a dvd-rw to see where the subtitles are placed on the output video which can take a while!

The screenshot below explains, maybe something like this:


By clicking on the small up and down arrows, the subtitles could move on the small display to show where abouts they would be on the output video.

I think it would make adding subtitles much easier. :D
icecold killa
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Postby misiekxxl » Sat Jul 01, 2006 10:11 am

i like to config CCE by my self i think the advect config optios wil be great :D
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Postby kschang » Fri Jul 14, 2006 4:33 pm

Actually, here's ONE feature that I'd REALLY want to see: a "debug" mode.

Let's say due to some weird error in config, no output was created for encoding, but you already spend 1 hour just to re-encode the MP3 to AC3. If you start over, that hour is now WASTED!

How about a special "debug" page, where each of the steps, and their commandline, is given, and could be run at will?

So far the steps I've observed is

== join multiple AVIs (if applicable)
== Besplit the AVI's audio to MP3
== Test convert MP3 audio to AC3
== Convert AC3 to match timing (if needed)
== Encode MPEG2 using specific encoder
== Mux audio
== Mux subtitles
== Author DVD folder
== Generate ISO

What if there's a page where each of the steps are listed, and you get checkmarks so you can decide you want to skip a certain step or two? For example, once the AVI was joined, a "joined" AVI was created out of the two existing. Why MUX it again? If the joined AVI is there, allow me to SKIP the step. Or, if the audio file is already there, allow me to skip the audio step. And so on.

This would also require a debug setting where one does NOT delete all the temp files, or only delete temp files WITHIN a step, as some of the steps above can be combined.
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Postby Gi-Ma-Mi » Sun Jul 23, 2006 10:40 pm

-i have a small suggestion, i would love to see the menu function be extended a bit, like now, avi2dvd can only create one menu surface, what i mean is it would be better if it can create more minor menus for a project
ex: when you click button XXX (name of the movie) in the main menu, it will lead you to another menu page to choose diferent parts/chapters of that movie (part1/chapter1, part2/chapter2,...) and there, a 'back' button will be needed to bring you back to the main menu, etc...

-also, is it possilbe that the newer vesion will allow you to load multiple movies (or at least 4 :( ) at the same time, because usually a dvd can contain 2 hours movie and all of my avi files just happen to be less than 1 hour (tv episode) so i always had to join them before yeah

Thank you alot trustfm for the consideration!
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Postby colin » Sat Oct 14, 2006 5:12 pm


AVI2DVD is a great program thanks.

but it would be useful if it could trancode mpg/mpeg files as well.

if this has already been suggested sorry i didnt read all the pages.

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Postby yiori13 » Sun Nov 19, 2006 4:39 am

Avi2DVD is a great program, collecting all the tasks under one. It works well until the final step, the Menu. The single menu just doesn't cut it. Well, there is basically two options, (at lest to me), to improve the menu part.

Option 1: Include functions for Two-level menu. I think most people will be happy with a main menu and a linked chapter menu, where we could put 8+ screen shots. I mean, what's point of including screenshot function if you don't have room on the menu to put them.

Option 2: Give people the option to output just the m2v file, and the ac3 file. People then can use whatever authoring program they like, import the m2v and ac3 files and create menus and chapters there. I noticed that the ac3 file is still left in the avi2dvd_temp folder after completion, but the encoded m2v file is deleted. Maybe you can have the option of not delete the m2v file after completion.

I agree with the post above me, if you could improve the menu function, it would be awesome. But the option 2 I mentioned would be more practical, cause the program create the encoded m2v file anyway, just give people the option of Not deleting it.

Again, thanks for keeping a great program free.
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Postby Kilack » Fri Dec 08, 2006 10:29 am

My wishlist :)

The option of permanent subs
option of having selectable subs on by default
direct support for image based subs sub/idx
CCE 2.7 supported
Support for tmpeg

Thanks very much for such great software
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Postby Freddie_Fuck » Fri Jan 05, 2007 8:02 pm

My biggest concern with this program is that its not dualcore optimized, when running any of the encoders it only uses a maximum of 50% in the process list, hence its only running 100% on 1 core, so I would suggest you start using a good encoder like H.264 which is in fact dualcore optimized and it will get both your cores to 100%. Other than that the tool looks very good and handy.
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Postby uffish » Sun Mar 04, 2007 4:49 pm

Avi2Dvd is a great software! It really saved learning all kinds of stuff which, honestly, don't interest me...

Anyway, I mostly use it to translate PAL Dvds to NTSC. It does a good job, but the movie created is in a slightly different speed, and I understand that this is not necessary if you use DGPulldown
It would be really nice if you could implement this method for PAL->NTSC translation (if it really is better, that is, I failed with the instructions on that page so I don't know what the result looks like).

Thanks a lot!
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Postby MidasClaw » Mon Mar 19, 2007 5:20 am

this is one simple request. when converteing to dvd and theres no menu. since it's only one title how about haveing loop back to the start. I've been trying to make it loop back but I have no idea what I'm doing.....

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