*Interface No Supported* in Win7

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*Interface No Supported* in Win7

Postby 55trucker » Fri May 18, 2012 8:00 pm

Hello there:

It's been quite a while since I last had to enter a post here as generally the program has never given me any problems to speak of..........until now.
I had always used Avi2dvd in a XP environment, now that I have dumped my secondary op/sys (which was XPSP3) that I did all of my audio & video editing on, for now Win7,
I'm having an interface problem.

Every time I try to enter an input avi video file (do not have this error with a DVD input)....(in this case ..an mkv file of an HD movie, (I am downscaling an HD to SD), I get this annoying *interface not supported*. The program then has a heart attack & freezes, then I have to go into Task manager to shut the program down.
I have read the tutorial online, I am running the exe in *administrator*, and have also checked off the *run compatibility with XP*. All of the internal programs that dl & install with the main program are there. I didn't experienced this situation with XP, and the program was running fine up until two weeks ago before I removed XP( with the single exception of having to constantly babysit the QuEnc encoder because it would repeatedly *stall* or go *dormant* during the process & I would have to constantly wake up the program (with the mouse) to keep the timer counting down.

What might be the cause with 7?

thx, Steve

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