I/0 Error 1 SOLVED - means can't write to destination

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I/0 Error 1 SOLVED - means can't write to destination

Postby timtak » Thu Feb 28, 2008 6:39 am

I set the input avi file.

I set the output folder to another folder on the C drive.

I press go and after about a minute it says "I/0 Error 1"

is there a list of I/O Errors somewhere. I looked through 13 pages of search on the word "error" here on this forum but could not find "I/0 Error 1".

I solved the problem. I think that "I/O Error 1" means can't write to output destination.

Silly me, I had chosen a DVD as the destination (after all there is a picture of a DVD in the top right of destination selection area, and the name of the software is "Avi2DVD") but I think that I need to use a seperate DVD burning software. Avi2DVD is in effect, I presume, "Avi to DVD format files" or "Avi2ISO"? (I am hoping that dvd decrypter will burn the files to the DVD.)

Then even when I selected another folder on my C drive the output destination would revert to the DVD when I pressed go. The software did not like the destination that I was selecting, perhaps because it was the same as the input file (but I think that I tried another folder too). I am not sure why it finally liked the folder that I eventually chose.

The program is running. If it works I will be very impressed.
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