Zero Byte result when muxing subtitles.

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Zero Byte result when muxing subtitles.

Postby trustfm » Wed Jul 11, 2007 8:35 pm


When i try to use Turkish Subtitles with a movie, it gives error
mpg 0 Bytes] like this. But with no subs or english subs it succesfuly
creates dvd folder, and works menu, subs and film fine. And i couldn't find
any solution via videohelp and google. Maybe this is still a bug for avi2dvd
cuz the newest version 0.4.5 beta still gives the same error. In addition,
this issue appears not only with Turkish spesific characters, also with
other chars such as Arabic and Russian subtitles, cuz some videohelp users
mentioned this before on avi2dvd forum.

I managed to reproduce the problem
I used # ISO 8859-3 Turkish, Maltese and Esperanto as character set and infact i did NOT get an dvd ...
BUT then i selected
#CP1254 Windows Turkish as codepage and the problem i think it is fixed !!!

So for the Turkish language you should use :
Codepage : CP1254 <-- IMPORTANT !!!
Language Turkish
Font Face : Arial.TTF
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