Avi2Dvd V0.6.1 Many problems

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Avi2Dvd V0.6.1 Many problems

Postby RottiRon4 » Fri Feb 18, 2011 11:22 pm

New XP SP3 user to the forum.

Problems - I will list them for your review and suggestions to fix.

1. Trying to convert a working downloaded DivX Avi Lame MP3 29 frame/per sec to DVD or SVCD. Warning message says - "Make sure your file/path has no strange charecters like : , _ ; ?..etc" The file does not.
2. Film information reads all 0 (zero's)
3. Choose audio stream - There are no choices to select.
4. Step 2 Output - "Select Destination Folder" is greyed out, but I can click on it and it turns into a yellow folder. I can search and select where I want the files to go, however, when I choose that file/folder it does not enter into the blank space next to the "Select Destination Folder". Instead i get the same warning message. The warning message says - "Make sure your file/path has no strange charecters like : , _ ; ?..etc"
5. I try to convert by clicking "Add Job" the file shows in the box provided. Then I click "Go" and Avi2Dvd begins and a little message pops-up that says "Choose Audio Stream". Additionally, I get this in the
"Log Window" -
[5:47:51 PM] AVI2DVD Started !
[5:47:58 PM] Job Done !!!
[5:47:58 PM] All Jobs Done !!!

No files are created

Please comment in full detail your solution and what you want me to do. Thanks!
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Re: Avi2Dvd V0.6.1 Many problems

Postby H.Ammer » Sat Feb 19, 2011 5:48 pm

Not the best forum for this, a look at the Avi2Dvd sub-forum viewforum.php?f=4 may give you some idea of why you are receiving these error and warning messages.

Please Google for MediaInfo, download and install. Direct your AVI to MediaInfo and obtain a "text" report. Copy and Paste all of this this text report into a reply. See other post on what is required.

Where the warning (error) states path, this means any part of the address to your file, an example: C:\Documents and Settings\Freder.NO-9\My Documents\(My Video's)\myvideo.avi and this is the path and it contains prohibited symbols. Full stops or periods, hyphens or dashes, brackets and an apostrophe.

You state your file has a frame rate of 29fps. This is a totally non-standard frame rate, 23.976 and 29.97 are NTSC framerates, and 25 is PAL. Anything other than standard frame rates will cause problems.

Please provide the above information so a more detailed reply can be given.
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