How to create a video with a watermark

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How to create a video with a watermark

Postby Wormund » Wed Aug 13, 2008 4:18 pm

What is a Watermark?

As a Watermark you can use your site name, author name of a video (any text) or logotype (any graphic file, including animation). Watermark will been displayed during video or will be put over static image.

What is Watermark function?

Very often people share files between themselves. Watermarks are used to show that just you have author?s rights to a particular video or graphic file. One more function is placing contact data on your product, for instance, your web site URL. Watermark can be applied to every frame of a video.

With our tools for making watermarks, you can create low-pressure semi-transparent, appearing in set time watermarks what won?t make your product worse.

Video protection is a main, but not only field of use of watermarks. Using watermarking mechanism you can create built-in menu, add subtitles, apply simple video effects etc...

What are the types of watermarks?

There are 3 types of watermarks:

Text watermarks ? it is any text to which various effects can be applied, such as shade, convexity, translucency, rotation angle, color, font and so on. Very often text might be your name or your site name. Also you can use here name of source file, its size or date.

Graphic watermarks ? it is any graphic file to which such effects as translucency, invisible color, rotation angle etc can be applied. Most often site logotype is used.

Animated watermarks - it is animated Gif file or any video which will be played over your video.

Besides watermarking you can protect your video by adding scenes to it. Scene might be simple graphic file as well as usual video clip which you can insert into necessary part of a video.

How to create a video with a watermark?

For creating a video with watermarks, our company offers two products:

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Postby trustfm » Thu Aug 21, 2008 5:58 pm

How to create a video with a watermark?

With Foto2Avi you can do it FOR FREE

You can make watermarks moving, rotating, fading in and out. In addition to the above a program has video montage functions enabling to add scenes to your video.
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