Have about 3 hurdles to jump, could use some help, please!

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Have about 3 hurdles to jump, could use some help, please!

Postby motorhomebill » Sun Nov 04, 2007 5:18 am

Here is what is going on;
I converted an .avi file of a new release movie using AVI2DVD (after binding the two files together using Foto2AVI.

I burned the .iso file to a DVD, but it wouldn't work in the computer or DVD player.

Got a message somewhere down the line that I needed to load the subtitles on the (computer) video program (I use MPC Star 1.8) to check if it was working properly. It ain't working properly as when I tried to load subtitles (using 'file') they wouldn't load.
What it was tell me is this;
'To load subtitles you have to change the video renderer type and re-open the file.
-DirectShow; VMR7/VMR9 render less or Haaili's
-RealMedia; Special renderer for RealMedia or open it through DirectShow
-Quicktime; DX7 or DX9 for Quicktime
-Shockwave ; n/a

The first .iso file was small enough to burn on the DVD. When I converted it the second time the .iso file was 7.43 GB way too large for a single 4.7 GB DVD!

The other thing I'm struggling with is the size and dimensions of the movie itself. I converted it with a 16/9 dimension ratio, but looks more like 4/3, and the people are too tall, and their faces are elongated.
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