Different Suggstions

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Different Suggstions

Postby 0gTans » Sun May 14, 2017 8:54 pm

1. Why not put the documentation of your tools in form of html/txt/chm files to the download packages? You know the advantages, for mobile use without internet connection.

2. The GUI of "Folder2Iso 3.0" isn't compatible with classic Windows themes.

3. Cut Your Time - Suggestions

- GUI isn't compatible with classic Windows theme and/or costum font size (DPI). Suggestion: Make the size of the main window adjustable.

- The small alarm window should be made bigger and should maybe pop up in die middle of the screen.

- For the main and especially for the small alarm window, there should be the option "always on top". The attribute or value "topmost" should be set for the alarm window, so that it stays on top.
In cases the alarm window is hidden in the background while the alarm plays and you have no sound or you're AFK.

- The "Info" (right click on alarm) in seperated columns.
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