jpegs to AVI for dvd player use?

Foto2avi is an freeware photo to video converter based on avisynth . It can create cool effects and it is an free video editor. It can handle videos too ! Specially designed for small videos that you can put them on Youtube

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jpegs to AVI for dvd player use?

Postby Dakotah » Fri Jul 13, 2007 9:27 pm

I asked in the avi2dvd forum as it seems to have more traffic.

I have photo jpegs. File sizes mainly 3-5MB in size. One is 24MB, the exception.

I want to put them on a DVD that can be seen using a normal DVD player for a television set.

So far getting them to Avi has been recommended. I am not having luck getting them in that format using the program Foto2Avi. It sure seems complicated to me.

What do I have to do so I can get 200MB in jpegs onto a DVD for Television DVD player viewing?
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Postby trustfm » Sat Jul 14, 2007 12:43 am

The easiest way is to use directly Foto2avi .
0 Resize your pictures to 800*xxx see how here this will optimize a lot foto2avi (optional step)
1 Load your pictures to foto2avi (better the resized ones)
2 go to settings -> Output select video format mpeg and audio format mp2 Put an elevate bitrate let's say 3000 save and close
3 press the convert button and then the gear button

Tell me if you have problems You will get an mpeg that it will be playable to 99% of dvd players

[By default the photos will have transition effects if you do not want those effects just disable the transactions]
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