Easy Tutorial Static Logo [With ColorMask]

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Easy Tutorial Static Logo [With ColorMask]

Postby trustfm » Sun Jun 10, 2007 8:56 pm

I started with an rather difficult example that can be found here
But the same result can be obtained more easily with only one layer [simple bmp image] with the new version of Foto2avi 1.2 [the 1.1 does not support ColorMask]. The trick is that we sacrifice one color to be our transparent mask.
For example in this demo the black color will be the transparent color

Demo Example
www.youtube.com Video from : www.youtube.com


We download gimp from here

Now we design an simple image like this one :
The image has resolution 720*576
notice that the transparent part of your image must be monocromatic i choose that black=will be transparent !!!

Now we load Foto2Avi and we import our photos or avis ... (by clicking ->)

We doubleclick the imported image and we do like this :
[Important Select as ColorMask Transparent color black !!! step4]

Now we animate our picture like this :

We are done ! Just Press Generate ...

Download This Demo
Just unzip it at C:\Program Files\Foto2Avi\Demos\
Now run Foto2Avi press the 'Load' button and browse to the folder C:\Program Files\Foto2Avi\Demos\ and load the
Press the Preview button ! :D :D

Enjoy !!!
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