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Vobsub Muxer and AviAddXsub

PostPosted: Tue Dec 28, 2010 1:30 am
by NQK
Dear Trustfm,

I'm using Egreat R1 HDplayer and I find it not easy to read srt subtitle 'cos the outline is too thin. I've been using Txt2vobsub quite for long and it works well with SD movies. For the case of HDmovies, the output resolution of Txt2vobsub is too small and it doesn't look nice on TV.

While waiting for improvement of Txt2vobsub, I utilized AviAddXsubs to create idx/sub. It creates 720p subtitles by default, but it doesn't combine groups of vobsubs with various subtitles. VobsubMuxer is designed to do this and it works well with outputs of Txt2vobsub. Yet when it tried to mux two vobsubs of AviAddXsubs (720p), it says "there are more than 32 subtitles" or something.

If you can spare some free time, pls fix this.

Happy New Year to you, Trustfm.