Problem with creating

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Problem with creating

Postby egraf » Mon Apr 12, 2010 4:29 pm

So I use avisub for long time and it worked fine , until lately it doesn't work at all. I load avi file , I load srt file. It starts , loads subtitles , and when it comes to processing avi , it just stops there and nothing happens ...
1. Did you run it as admin
yes i right clicked the .exe file and runned it as admin
2. Did you make any huge changes ?
No , I just download alot of movies , but memory shouldn't be the problem , c: 54/78 gb free , d: 39/107 gb free , e: 56/111 gb free atm. avisub and movies are placed in D:/movie . so that also can't be the problem.

That problem started few days ago , by no reason. What to do ?
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