Permanant Subtitles?

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Permanant Subtitles?

Postby Daz » Tue Sep 16, 2008 10:09 pm


There doesn't seem to be an option in Avisub to have the subtitles show permanantly. ie. rather than just adding a subtitle track to avi, instead encoding itself into the video image. (not sure if encoding is the right word here)..?

Im hard of hearing and rely upon subtitles to fill in what i miss. I have no problem with viewing subs on my pc. However i want to be able to watch vids on my cellfone. i have a Nokia N95 with a divx player running on it. (but unfortunately it doesnt yet support subtitles. I also have coreplayer no subtitle support either.)

You might be thinking subtitles would be a waste of time on a mobile phone screen. Trust me it isnt. Because i have some anime with subtitles that i can read fine on it.

And there are other devices that can play videos such as the Creative mp3 products, ipods etc too. And no doubt more phones/hand held devices will be able to play all kinds of codecs in the near future. So having an option to add subtitles directly to the video (without the need for player to support subtitle tracks) would greatly benefit these devices.

So is there a way this can be done? otherwise this can be a future update suggestion for Avisub.


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Postby princecheck13 » Mon Jul 19, 2010 5:47 pm

i have downloaded a German film with English subtitles in a notepad SRT file the film plays great with subtitles in windows media player but now i am trying to copy to a dvd with tmpg and my dvddit i just cannot get the titles to encode in preview in tpmg has anyone any suggestions
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