File getting bigger please help

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File getting bigger please help

Postby St.Anger » Wed May 14, 2008 9:03 pm

i have a movie that his size is 701mb
when i use AviSub for subtaitles it's make the file bigger buy 2mb (703mb)
and then i can't burn it into regular disc
some have any segeuest?.. help please!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
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Postby NQK » Fri Jul 25, 2008 6:26 am

Yes, it is supposed to be bigger. if the filesize is too big for a CD then you have to consider (i) burning it to a DVDR or (ii) cut the unnecessary part from the movie, say the credits at the end, and it will fit. I do that all the time.
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