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3D-Matrix is a studio dedicated to making virtual reality applications main stream, accessible to businesses of all sizes with big or small budgets at their disposal.
We create customized 3d applications and virtual reality solutions to meet the exact needs of our customers.
Our solutions apply on the majority of operating systems on the market, such as Windows, MacOs, Android, IOS and Linux.
Web integration is also possible where it is needed.
We have been specializing in the product visualization and presentation but we also cover other areas, such as on-line configurators and 3d mobile applications.
Our solutions enable our customers to exceed the limits of physical space and distance in order to present their products to their future customers, in ways that are limited only by their imagination.
Using the latest technology in the field, we have achieved a level of fully immersive virtual reality, which up until now was science fiction material. Our upcoming product, the Virtual Stand, will enable producers of voluminous products, such as heavy machinery, plants, etc. to bring them along at the exhibition events where they participate.
No transportation fees, no customs problems and no excessive costs for renting extra space to fit what cannot fit and function in physically limited environments.
Immerse your customers in a virtual world, where anything you can think of, is now possible. Show the world what your product is capable of, anywhere and anytime.


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